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Tax Titans Welcomes Tom Godfrey as President and Chief Strategy Officer

At Tax Titans, we understand that you want to feel in control of what you pay when it comes to doing your taxes. In order for that to happen, you need choices and clear, up front pricing.

The problem is there is a talent shortage in the accounting profession, which has driven prices up and choices down. This leads to feeling exploited.

You don’t get to choose whether to pay taxes. But, we believe you should have choices in how much you pay to have them done and who does them.

We are taxpayers like you, and we understand the value of having options. With online marketplaces available for other personal and professional services you buy, we decided to create one for connecting taxpayers, gig workers, and small business owners directly to professionals who compete for their business.

How it Works

Set up your free profile.

Review your bids and the tax professionals who submit them.

Save 30-50% on your tax preparation, and build a direct relationship with the tax professional of your choice.

Set up your free profile today so you don’t overpay to have your taxes done, and you get the peace of mind that comes from working directly with a credentialed tax professional who wants your business.
Tax Titans eliminates the need of a traditional tax firm by connecting high caliber Tax Professionals directly with Business Owners.

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