How do Tax Titans connect me with potential clients seeking tax services?

The Tax Titans platform will provide you with the requests from taxpayers and give you the relevant information to make an accurate quote for price and time to get the taxes done based on your schedule and pricing levels

Can I specify my areas of expertise and the type of clients I prefer working with on the platform?

Yes our platform allows you to tailor what type of taxpayers you would like to provide tax preparation services for.

What criteria must tax professionals meet to join Tax titans to offer their services?

Tax professionals on the platform must have at least two years worth of verifiable experience an Efin number and are encouraged to have errors and admissions insurance.

Is there a process for showcasing my qualifications and experience to potential clients?

Currently you are encouraged to have a accurate website LinkedIn profile which will highlight your qualifications and experience to potential clients. We have plans to create other value added opportunities for you in the future.

How do Tax Titans handle client reviews and feedback for tax professionals?

We personally call each one of the clients who leave a review and give feedback for our Tax Titans on the platform.

Can I customize my pricing structure, and how are payments processed?

Your pricing structure is based on how you run your firm and how you value your time. Payments are processed over the platform using Stripe

Is there a feature for selling my tax practice or transitioning clients I no longer wish to serve?

We have a unique revenue sharing program for those accounting professionals who wished to either retire or offload, off board a selection of clients in their current portfolio

What steps do Tax Titans take to ensure the security of my information and client data?

The Tax Titans marketplace does not store any of your clients data on our marketplace. You as a tax professional will continue to use the tools and systems that you currently use for your tax practice.

Can I communicate directly with potential clients before accepting a job or agreeing to provide services?

Yes the Tax Titans platform has a dedicated chat function for you to be able to communicate with tax professionals and the taxpayers

Do I have to pay to join Tax Titans?

Joining the Tax Titans platform is free, offering quotes is free. There is a 90/10 split when the taxpayer pays for the tax preparation.