How does Tax Titans match me with a suitable tax professional?

We have pre screened our tax professionals that are on the platform done a background check to make sure that they have an EFIN number which means that they have had their background check done by the FBI and the IRS. Each tax professional on the platform has their website LinkedIn profile and any other business reviews that have been provided by their customers. You as a taxpayer get to select the tax professional on the Tax Titans platform knowing that this vetting process has been done for you.

Are the tax professionals on the marketplace certified by relevant authorities like the IRS?

Tax professionals on the platform have their PTIN from the IRS and an EFIN as well which is required by the FBI.

Do I have to pay to join Tax Titans?

Joining Tax Titans as a taxpayer or a tax professional it’s free

Can I review the background and qualifications of the tax professionals available on the platform?

Yes you can review their background and qualifications. Each person on the platform has their qualifications and profile for you to review.

How does the pricing structure work, and are there any hidden fees?

It is free to use the Tax Titans platform and there are no hidden fees. In order to ensure your satisfaction please make sure you are making all payments to your tax professional over the platform.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the tax professional I choose?

If you are not 100% satisfied with the services provided by the tax professional over our platform please contact us and we will fix the problem.

Is there a refund or replacement option?Is my personal and financial information secure when using the marketplace?

If you are not satisfied with your tax professional doing your taxes you are not required to file your taxes with that tax professional. None of your financial information is requested or kept or stored on the Tax Titans platform

What level of experience should I expect from the tax professionals listed on the platform?

The tax professionals on the Tax Titans platform have a minimum of two years worth of experience doing taxes. The average is 10 years with some of our professionals having over 30 years in the industry.

Do tax professionals on Tax Titans specialize in specific tax situations, such as business or personal income taxes?

Tax professionals can specialize in certain industries and businesses which you can review and select based on their profile.

Can I communicate directly with the tax professional before making a decision?

Yes you can communicate with the tax professional should you have any other additional information to give them before making a decision.