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Whether you need temporary onshore tax experts or you’re ready to retire

Tax Titans has a suite of services designed to be the relief valve every tax firm deserves.
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Life happens. Someone leaves unexpectedly when you need them most. Tax Titans Small Accounting Firm Enterprise (SAFE) System is designed for small firms who need help when they need it and not when they don’t- without sharing proprietary client information.

Tax Titans SAFE System is an innovative platform designed to remove the stress- and stigma- or tax season for small firms. Through a platform you control, gain access to qualified onshore tax professionals. Think of it as an instant team that expands and contracts with your needs, and without the risk of losing clients to another firm.

  • Small annual membership fee and a nominal monthly usage fee
  • Upload as many client returns as you’d like. They are automatically masked by our system to share only the information needed to prepare the return- no personally identifiable data.
  • You set the price you’re willing to pay. Our tax professionals (Tax Titans) bid on and complete the work.
  • You get to focus on what clients pay you for- delivering an accurate return with your advisory expertise.

Don’t leave your family and clients in distress. Tax Titans will ensure your business and loved ones are not exposed due to an unforeseen incapacitation or tragedy.

Can you afford not to have a succession plan in place? No firm owner wants to think about an unspeakable event that renders them incapacitated or worse. When clients rely on you for access to critical and time sensitive documents, and when you family relies on the financial support you’ve worked so hard to build, you need to have a succession plan in place.

  • One catastrophic disruption in your life could cause risk, exposure, and financial destruction
  • 1% origination fee- no hidden costs
  • One simple document to protect your family and clients should something happen to you
  • One company who cares about ensuring that every solo practitioner and small practice has an emergency succession plan in place.

Are you ready to retire and get what your firm is worth?

Tax Titans will purchase your firm at book value. That’s right. You’ve spent countless hours building your firm. Not to mention dozens of tax seasons, late nights, and weekends. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor into retirement.

Why sell to Tax Titans?

  • No broker fees.
  • Get book value for the firm you worked hard to build.
  • Peace of mind that your clients will be well-served by tax professionals who care about them.
  • Veteran owned company providing career opportunities for military spouses and veterans.
  • We have a partnership with LiveOak Bank, who specializes in buying and selling small and medium sized accounting firms.

Want to know how to professionally transition clients who are no longer a fit for your firm...and still get paid for them?

"The Emergency Succession Plan provided by Tax Titans has been a true lifesaver for my business. As a small business owner, I always worried about what would happen if something unexpected happened to me or my key employees. With their Emergency Succession Plan, I now have peace of mind knowing that there is a well-thought-out strategy in place to handle any unforeseen circumstances. The team at Tax Titans worked closely with me to understand my business's unique needs and crafted a customized plan that ensures a smooth transition of leadership if ever needed. I highly recommend their services to any business owner who wants to protect their business and ensure its continuity."

- Sarah Adams

"Selling my firm for book value was a seamless process, thanks to Tax Titans. Their expertise and guidance throughout the entire transaction were invaluable. They thoroughly analyzed my firm's financials and market trends, providing me with a realistic valuation. I appreciated their transparency and honest approach to negotiations, which resulted in a fair deal for both parties. Tax Titans made the complex process of selling my firm feel straightforward and stress-free. I am grateful for their support and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to sell their business for its true value."

- John Martinez

It’s hard to run a small firm during a talent crisis- especially when your staffing needs fluctuate. We also understand there are many small firms owners who are done with the chaos of tax season.

The Tax Titans suite of solutions for accounting firms provides the type of relief every small tax firm needs- whether it’s more professionals to share the workload, a simple turnkey succession plan, or helping to transition into retirement peacefully and prosperously.
Tax Titans eliminates the need of a traditional tax firm by connecting high caliber Tax Professionals directly with Business Owners.

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