Transforming your company’s bottom line by integrating Latin American remote workers.

We are a specialized accountant staffing agency that connects US businesses with qualified English-speaking Latin American professionals.

Our model enhances your HR objectives and improves your recruitment efficiency. By partnering with us, your company can optimize its HR budget, increase its workforce, and boost local team retention efforts.

Experts in accounting, finance, IT, software development, customer service, and lead generation are all within our reach.

Find out why Teamcadre is the ideal choice for your company.

Cost Efficiency:
Achieve up to 70% cost savings by using our remote workforce from LatAm due to the reduced labor fees in the region while opening the opportunity to your business to expand the team when required at exceptional rates.

Local Labor Protection:
Empower your HR department to strengthen benefits for local staff using the savings generated from our remote workers. This investment contributes to retaining top talent, fostering a positive work environment, and bolstering the competitiveness of the local workforce.

Enhanced Retention Strategies:
Using our remote workforce solution allows your company to reallocate HR budgets, enabling the implementation of targeted retention strategies within your local labor market.

Maximizing Diversity and Inclusion:
Effortlessly streamline diversity initiatives by tapping into Latin America’s rich talent pool. Partnering with us empowers your company to achieve its diversity and inclusion objectives seamlessly.

Expansive Latin American Talent Access:
Say goodbye to talent shortages in the US by leveraging the vast talent reservoir in Latin America. Discover the precise talent your company requires within this extensive pool, eliminating scarcity concerns and significantly enhancing your workforce.

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