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Changing The Face of Tax Time for Small Businesses Across America!

Tax Titans is a disruptive platform that allows small businesses the ability to review and select tax professionals to do their taxes.

How it Works

The Tax Pro & Tax Payer Process

Step 1


The small business owner completes their profile and the structure of their tax return, preferences, and previous tax return costs.

Step 2

Match & bid

Tax Titans matches pros to the needs & the pros bid on the job.

Step 3

Review & Compare

Business owner reviews and compares pros and picks the best fit for their needs.

Step 4

E-file is ready

The Tax Titan tells the small business owner that their return is ready to efile.

Step 5

Final payment

The small business owner pays the agreed upon invoice through the platform. 90% is sent to the Tax Titan's account.*
*Minus transaction fees.

High Caliber Tax Professionals

Here are the requirements they have to meet to be on the platform


Years Experience


Business Referrals


Insurance Policy

What Is The Next Step?

Becoming a Tax Titan

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Getting a bid to do my tax return

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