For the Tax Professional

The Benefits of Becoming a Tax Titan

  • Retain High Percentage of Income
  • Cultivate Long Term Client Relationships
  • Manage Your Own Work/Life Balance

Why Does Tax Titans Make Sense?

Retain Higher Percentage of Income

Traditional tax firms pay out a small percentage to the Tax Professional. At Tax Titans, you can expect to earn 90% of the income.

Long Term Client Relationships

At Tax Titans, there is an opportunity to cultivate long term relationships with new clients. This creates a path for repeat business and a more reliable stream of income.

Manage Your Work/Life Balance

As a Tax Titan, you set the pace of your own work/life balance. Tax Titans Professionals have the ability to bid on as many requests as they would like or deny an awarded bid if they are already taking on too much work.

High Caliber Tax Professionals

Ready to Join? To ensure high caliber tax professionals, we require the following:

  • 2+ years experience
  • 5 Business Referrals
  • 1 insurance policy

Exclusive Partner Offers

Tax Titans provides exclusive discounts with our Partners. To get your discount, sign up today! If you are interested in becoming an exclusive partner, please contact us.

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