Tax Titans Partners with Telios to Launch AI-Powered “Sidekick” for Tax Industry

WILMINGTON, NC, USA, July 26, 2023/ -- Tax Titans, a veteran-owned platform connecting small businesses and tax professionals, has partnered with AI solutions provider Telios to develop an innovative “AI Sidekick” for the tax industry.

This first-of-its-kind AI assistant aims to streamline tax processes and enhance client service for accounting firms through Telios’ privacy-focused artificial intelligence.

Many businesses have been hesitant to implement AI due to concerns around sharing sensitive customer data with large language models. Telios’ proprietary AI Firewall addresses these worries by anonymizing personally identifiable information (PII) before interacting with AI engines.

Integrating Telios’ solutions into Tax Titans’ platform will allow accountants to efficiently access information from past experiences to answer client questions quickly and accurately.

The strategic partnership intends to accelerate Tax Titans’ go-to-market strategy and equip tax professionals with more robust tools by leveraging AI while prioritizing privacy.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Telios to introduce the ‘AI Sidekick,’ a pioneering solution designed for the tax sector,” said Alan Blakeborough, Founder and CEO of Tax Titans. “By tackling privacy issues through Telios’ AI Firewall, we’re confident this will revolutionize interactions and foster efficiency for accountants across the U.S.”

“We’re excited to bring AI capabilities to the accounting profession with Tax Titans,” said Camden Weis, who sits on the Board of Directors of Telios, and was instrumental in facilitating the partnership. “Telios’ architecture ensures tax professionals can fully harness the benefits of AI while upholding security and confidentiality for clients.”

Tax Titans has successfully onboarded approximately 130 firms to its marketplace connecting small businesses with qualified tax experts.

Integrating Telios’ AI tools will further enhance the platform's offerings. Industry leaders like the AICPA have been seeking innovative solutions that provide value without compromising sensitive data.

The Tax Titans-Telios partnership aims to spearhead long-awaited AI adoption in tax services, benefiting professionals and taxpayers.

About Tax Titans:

Tax Titans is a veteran-owned company with the first online marketplace connecting small businesses and qualified tax professionals. Their platform allows tax experts to market services to 32 million small businesses across the U.S. and receive 90% of billing without fees.

About Telios:

Telios is an AI solutions provider that specializes in natural language processing-powered virtual assistants for enterprises. Their privacy-focused architecture allows seamless training of AI-powered virtual assistants on a company’s data while ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive information.

Tax Titans eliminates the need of a traditional tax firm by connecting high caliber Tax Professionals directly with Business Owners.

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