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Steps to create a Tax-Titans profile

1. Go to


2. Type your first name


3. Type your last name

Step 3 screenshot


4. Type your email

Step 4 screenshot

5. Type your email again

Email Confirmation
Step 5 screenshot


6. Type your phone number


7. Select your state

Step 7 screenshot


8. Type your Business Name


9. Choose if you are a minority-owned business

Step 9 screenshot


10. Choose if you are a veteran owned business

Step 10 screenshot


11. Type a password

Step 11 screenshot


12. Confirm thepassword

Step 12 screenshot


13. Read the Terms and Conditions

Step 13 screenshot


14. If you agree check on

Step 14 screenshot


15. Click on Create Profile

Step 15 screenshot

Tax Titans Supports Veterans and Military Spouses!

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