Electronic Filing Identification Number

Why does a tax professional I use need to have an EFIN? 


Why does a tax professional I use need to have an EFIN? 

An Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) is a unique identification number that is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to tax professionals who are authorized to e-file tax returns on behalf of their clients. 

If you are using a tax professional to prepare and file your tax returns, it is important that they have an EFIN because it allows them to submit your tax returns to the IRS electronically. E-filing is a more efficient and secure way to file tax returns, as it reduces the risk of errors, speeds up the processing time, and minimizes the likelihood of identity theft. 

In addition, tax professionals are required by law to have an EFIN in order to file tax returns electronically. The IRS requires tax professionals to pass a suitability check and undergo a criminal background check before they can obtain an EFIN, which helps to ensure that only qualified and trustworthy professionals are authorized to file tax returns electronically. 

Overall, using a tax professional with an EFIN can help ensure that your tax returns are filed accurately, efficiently, and securely. 

  • Every Tax Titan has an EFIN, and therefore they are registered with the IRS, have submitted fingerprints and successfully passed a background investigation. 


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